Think Nature

June 30th, 2010

One time I opened my closet and was surprised to find some soil-like, tube-like housing by the sides. I wondered on what it could be, if it was some home to some unique insects or what. Out of curiosity, I opened its house-like structure, and alas! I didn’t find some distinctive insects but pests! And the common one! Termites – the infamous little critters who loves every wooden part of our houses. The number 1 known crawlies that intend to destroy and eat lavishly every timber and lumber there is.

To continue, the newly-found bugs that were slowly, gradually eating up my closet! I immediately swept out all my clothes, and to my surprise again, my clothes were not an exemption to the casualties! Huhuhu, they loved my clothes! Loved eating it! I felt some goose-bumps when, after I got all my clothes out, I saw what they were then making: a colony! They had been there, silent, subtle, and devious in their work, paving some damage along the way! My first move you ask? Went out and came back with some bug-spray in my hands! After spraying, I saw them irking as the chemicals went in them. To my astonishment, I read the contents of the spray, and I felt sad when I saw the components that as I know (and as a pro-environmentalist myself) are not that friendly to mother nature as these aerosols are seeped into the air and absorbed in the atmosphere. It isn’t good in the ozone layer either. That’s why we must consult with those environmentally safe termite control companies who really have the concern of safeguarding our air we breathe, skies, and the earth. It’s not just that, but we are also helping ourselves in minding the importance of health and our lives as well.

In some little ways, like that of choosing what is eco-friendly, we are not only saving this earth for us but for the future generations to come.

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