Summer Fun

June 9th, 2010
This summer was just incredible. We were able to book a trip to Manila and visit my sister-in-law and her family. They were their for a Scholarship grant offered by their school for a doctoral degree in Psychology and Administration. Our kids are doubly energized since this is their first time to board a plane and at the same time knowing that part of our trip will be visits to theme parks, tourist spots and zoos too. They have been dreaming of spending a week with their cousins and away from the hustle and bustle of school works and the usual things they do. Counting days seemed like years to them as they marked our calendar for the coming summer vacation. Right after their classes closed, we immediately booked for the trip and our kids could hardly sleep for the last two days before we boarded the plane to Manila.
Jumping with anticipation, our daughter couldn’t believe her eyes when we arrived to the airport. She couldn’t help but go to the different booths and stores inside the terminal. When it was announced that our plane just arrived and we have to prepare, me and my hubby couldn’t help but just be amused by our kids’ reactions. Our son seemed to keep his cool but still we could sense his exhilaration too. The flight to Manila is just more than an hour and we arrived their safely with my sister-in-law’s family waiting at the arrival area.

Upon seeing their cousins, the kids ran to them and they all hugged each other. Yes! Our trip begins! First with our itinerary is to visit the school where my sister-in-law and her husband worked and studied. After that, we visited Taal Volcano and the People’s Park. We really enjoyed the cool, misty weather at the park. The kids just love the playground where they spent an hour playing while we took pictures of that scenic place as our remembrance.

The next day is really the most memorable day for our kids. We are going to visit a theme park and they were so thrilled to try the different games, rides and amusements the park offers. When we visited the Horror house, our kids got the time of their life screaming their heads off upon seeing those horrifying figures! LOL! Me and my hubby just enjoyed the different costumes we saw. It’s just like being in a Halloween party! We noticed adult halloween costumes, Halloween costumes for kids and the different things they used as props. I believed they have spent a lot in buying those Halloween Party Supplies for the horror house. And I’m thinking of having a Halloween party this year for our kids.

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