She deserved it!

June 4th, 2010
Genelie my sister-in-law called us yesterday and excitedly announced that she just bought a new Sports Utility Van. Guess what? It’s not just an ordinary service vehicle but a brand new Toyota 4runner 2010 model worth $ 36,000.00 or P 1.6 Million. Wow! We were speechless when she broke the news.
Anyway, after working 10 years as a physical therapist in California she deserved a monument for her hard work. She needs also a bigger vehicle for her nature of work and her church frequent outdoors bonding.

The blogger in me asked her where she got her Insurance . Surprisingly , she got her insurance through…. Lol! Now I know how famous and reliable the company is. Yes! My sis-in-law got also her Life and Health Insurance from the site because they do not only offers Los Angeles Car Insurance but they also offers from multiple carriers.With their site, you will be to access quotes for insurance plans from various agencies, such as local or nationwide agencies, brand names insurance companies, etc. All you have to do is pick the plan that works for you!

So for your next insurance needs call their too free number at 1-800-475-6840 and get an insurance quote.

One Response to “She deserved it!”

  1. seth says:

    wow! that is one luxury vehicle…your sister really deserves to reward herself for all her hardships 🙂

    happy weekend!

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