P15 All Domestic Fare

June 29th, 2010
Although the promo of Cebu Pacific was not yet out yesterday, I thought of this already. Seen my previous posts? I am very updated with the promo both of Cebu Pacific and Air Philippines. PROBLEM was the sudden unscheduled brown-out of Electricity last night, I wasn’t able to access the internet!

OUccchhh….. when I opened the internet today, almost every dates and destinations were sold out. I was tempted to book for hubby and I but I have promised the kids for a vacation this semestrial break!Waaaaahh…. Cepalco you’re the one to be blamed!

Now I am decided to changed our Smart Bro Wireless Internet connection to Plug-it. This way, I can surf the net through my laptop! Tsk! Tsk! Better luck next time.

One Response to “P15 All Domestic Fare”

  1. Dhemz says:

    how frustrating! whoaaaaa…sayang…2 namo akong nakita te nga na uwahi sa promo…hope there's another promo coming….:)

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