Optimizing your System

June 23rd, 2010

Undeniably, we are driven now in a high technology medium and living in a society where computers and softwares and programming are getting more focal everywhere from big companies to schools and even to households. It is now a basic system applied to our everyday living, everyday work, and everyday life. From operating marketing system of grocery stores, to educational managements, bank and financial usage, to even the government’s services to the public, it is obviously evident that we are in the height of the technology generation.

Taking for example is when I recalled from my student days, that during my 2nd or 3rd year in college, I had the chance of experiencing computer-assisted enrollment wherein the bulk of the process of adding up units of subjects was through the use of an application installed on the school server system! Wow! It was definitely minus the hassles of lining up that long and waiting that long for you to be enrolled!

Another highlighted example is the first-ever automated election. It was pure computer-work. You just have to cast your vote through shading, slide it in the machine, then scans it and then voila! Your vote is in the house just by that one swipe-in! We can entirely see how technology now is at its prime!

Clearly, one main objective for society to embrace technology, programs, applications and softwares is not just because of convenience but of wanting to minimize or better yet erase levels of risks of error on the way. Risks are potential downfalls especially when in business.
That is then where portfolio optimization sets in. It is not just safeguarding but from the word optimizing itself, it packages a lot of benefits!

Why don’t you give it a try then? The good stuff awaits.

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