Market on the Line

June 26th, 2010
Being now accustomed to the blogger world or the blogosphere as we term it, I have learned so many definitions and terms just like that of page ranks, trafficking, search engine optimization, linking and all. Those were, as I have understood, essential to ‘perfume’ one’s blog, if you want your blog to stand out and for you to monetize as well!

Well, when I was a neophyte back then, I was absolutely obscured by the vastness and usability of the internet. The World Wide Web (www) as we elaborate it, contains millions of millions of linkages to countless of websites in the whole wide world. For just clicks here, there, double-click here and there, you could instantly grasp what you wanted to look for. Students nowadays are moreover reliant to the help of the internet, save time hurdling into the books!

Oh well, the internet has two sides of the coin as I may say. But gearing towards its positive aspect, convenience like that of sitting on your comfy seat and shopping online altogether is possible! Being a customer or an advertiser , you can help launch your business ads out into the open air and that’s what you call online marketing. By this, you can extend your arms to your customers without literally doing it. Grab hold of your mouse and click it away!

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