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June 6th, 2010
Good news to all bloggers out there! Heard about It s new source for making money online. I stumbled ont he site while doingmyrounds in the blogosphere. I have just registered today and with-in two minutes I was able to get assignments.
I guess this site is authentic since they they are pretty much strict with the data entered. I googled it and found no negative reviews for it. Jobs were open after I signed it . I was attracted to the $14 dollar assignment and oppppssss… it’s for US bloggers only… Lol!
How about trying it? Go and Register now with !

2 Responses to “Making Money Online”

  1. burn says:

    Sayang sis kung open ito for US bloggers. Good luck for all your assignment.

  2. Neil Mani says:

    Internet has got wide range as well as fastest way to reach maximum people in a short period of time. And we can say today is the era of online marketing. More people and companies are establishing their business on internet and affiliate program has come up as an effective internet marking tool.
    The logic is plain and simple Assigned affiliate diverts or direct traffic and potential customers to the company’s website and get commission or rewards for that.

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