Importance of Link Building

June 9th, 2010
Link popularity is very important of a website, specially if your want to monetize your blog or if your website is a marketing arm of a business firm. When I was still a newbie in the blogosphere, I really wondered why there are lots of people asking for link exchange. After a thorough research on the relevance of traffic for a website , I realized that building process needs to be given priority. Every day you have to outsource link building. Sometimes it can be frustrating that is why some website owners buy links to maintain their site’s raking .

Since Link Building takes time, the sooner you start the better the rankings. So think of link building as a long-term investment in your site. Do not expect to grow your link popularity overnight.What I am doing to maintain my PR is to spend at least an and hour doing my rounds in the blogosphere – leaving comments and asking for back links . By doing so, I add traffic to my site and at the same time gain more friends. I am fond of joining “memes” or weekly theme hosted by other bloggers. Joining and sponsoring contest is another fun thing to do . I love giving and receiving awards too! How about you what’s your link building secret?

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