Father’s Day Gifts

June 20th, 2010

We have a blast today celebrating FATHER’S DAY today! The Church made a special tribute to all the Fathers and it was a very touching one. My Son did a good job as the Emcee. Congratulations IJ! You made your father so proud of you.
After the church program, we had lunch together with some friends and then went to see “Karate Kid”. The Celebration ended up with a family dinner at our favorite restaurant. Above were the gifts we gave to our beloved “ Popsy”, “Papang”, “Pader”… He deserved the best but that’s the best we can give for now. I have been to some ipods stores here in our place hoping to find best deals but unluckily , its not the season for promos yet . So I just settled for a dual-sim cellular phone. In God’s time, he can have the ipods of his dream!

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  1. winter gurl says:

    Hi Gracia ,

    when u will announce ur amazing Grace Give Away lucky winner ?? really nervous

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