Check your Window Visor !

June 6th, 2010
Rain guard or window visor plays a very important role in my driving. Now that we are entering the rainy season here in our place, I would be needing the comfort of having sufficient visibility on my side window. Not only that, it minimizes the water coming in whenever I open my window during a rainy day. Having a rainguard on my car adds more beauty to it and enhance its elegant look.
Last week, I have to make a handy repair for our window visor. Somebody must have accidentally pulled the visor and it was detached from my car’s window. I bought an ordinary double sided tape to economize but just this morning, after our Sunday Church Worship it was detached again . I guess I have to buy an expensive adhesive to put it back again. Yes, rainy days are coming and I have to be sure that my rain guards are secured and my kids will be safely tucked inside the car safely, comfortably and dry.
So what’s your preparations this coming rainy season? Have you checked your rain guards? Your house roofing and gutters? Are you ready with your rainy season apparels? Get ready with to your boots ,jackets and umbrellas. Rainy Season is here!

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