Carrie Graber & Juliet Fancubit

June 15th, 2010

My hubby came from a family of artist. At 74 yrs.old , my mother-in-law does various types of painting. Two years ago she taught Art classes at Mountain View College, Bukidnon until she was hired by Nanuri International School to be their Elementary and High school Principal. She’s a prolific painter and has done a local Painting exhibition. Painting is not just part of her past time and relaxation but also an expression of her passion within. It’s her way of unwinding herself from the hectic schedule in the school.

She do oil, acrylic , water color and charcoal painting. As you enter her house in Villa Ernesto, Gusa,CDO… you will be greeted with different painting works. Aboe are some of her paintings… mind you, they are displayed at her garage!

When I asked her what’s her favorite artist, she has a handful of names mentioned that some I could no longer remember. But when asked on contemporary female artist , she mentioned Carrie Graber as one of her favorites. Mom Explained that her warm tones and exquisite control of illumination creating a perfect composition of light and contrast. Her soft, realistic but also bold approach warms the viewers’ senses and creates a feeling of intimacy . Below is a sample of her famous work of arts.

2 Responses to “Carrie Graber & Juliet Fancubit”

  1. Lalaine says:

    wow! she's very inspiring.. she's painting even at this age.. has she recently picked up painting Nang, or has she been painting ever since bata pa cya?

    I would love to paint again too..

  2. gemini says:

    hheheh, hello gang, musta, am lost in the bloggin world, parang forever, am too busy na, makabuang mag-upgrade…too many requirements and the 24 hour cycle is not enough. Yap, am proud of moms work, let's encourage her to do another exhibit this year. She has the last one two years ago, sayang iya gifts. Let your church sponsor it, sales would be on commission, ok ra? regards diha tanan.

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