YUmmy Sunday : Healthy Food # 5

May 23rd, 2010

This is my 5th post for Healthy Yummy Sunday – Sweet Potato ( Camote) Cake .
I made this last Friday during a friend’s birthday bash. Camote is a very good
alternative for rice. It’s rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.
Ask those who are under Alternative Medication… this is a must to it. Wanna try it?

4 Responses to “YUmmy Sunday : Healthy Food # 5”

  1. genefaith says:

    i haven't tried this yet…hope i could try it someday…

  2. Kayce says:

    wow! wala pa pud ko katilaw ani sis… lami galing ni ai! naa pa diha? hehehe

  3. life's journey says:

    I did not try one like this too. Looks yummy. My first entry is up also.

  4. Bogie says:

    It looks like the buttered cake at Goldilocks.

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