What do you love most about Camping?

May 1st, 2010
It’s Saturday here so I took the time to visit my FB account .I have been busy with my blogs this month that I didn’t realized I have a hundred of friends request already ( I can not believe I was able to write almost two hundred articles for my three blog sites ). Back to my FB, I enjoyed reading messages from elementary and high school friends and even long lost relatives. Ahhh… I vowed to visit my FB once in a while…. I was able to miss one great gathering.What caught my attention while browsing pictures was my close friends FB account. I love her camping pictures with her family and church mates. Hmmm… I envy their RV’s and camping paraphernalia’s. Looking at their picture reminds me with our own Family Camp. Ahhh… I love camping out ! It’s a great way to unwind myself from the stressfulness of city life. It’s a joy to be outdoors, hearing the sounds of birds and the smell of forest air. When we had our Family Camp last month, I took the time to bring my outdoor chairs and commune with nature. I love sipping my favorite coffee early morning watching the sun rise. For me Camping is a great way to detoxify. How about you? Do you love Camping? What about camping that you love most?

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