Security while driving your Vehicle

May 14th, 2010
Thinking for a total security when driving your car? That should be the case of every car owner. Safety must be the first priority and also the last. Being on the road for a vacation with your loved ones can can be fun. But road safety nowadays are often jeopardized with unruly drivers and undisciplined commuters. We experienced that during one Sunday afternoon when we are going to church for a special activity. My hubby as somewhat excited knowing that he will be one of the fifty people who would donate blood to the Red Cross as part of our project in community engagement.
We were just enjoying the scenery along the barrio road, driving at a steady 40kph when out of nowhere, an old lady tries to cross the street hurriedly. She would look at us with a glance and ran across the street as fast as her feet would allow her. But it was too late for my hubby when he applied the break. Before the car went to a complete stop, we hit the lady with a thud and she was thrown a few feet from where she was hit.

We immediately wnt to her rescue and thank God that she’s ok. That was a year ago and me and my hubby decided to opt for the best car insurance with safety in our mind. We were encouraged to read about car insurance online and about the best auto insurance. Try to take a trip on this site: and you will have the choices you want for your car insurance that best suits you.

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