May 21st, 2010
My hubby loves to wear different watches for different occasions. One magazine ad tells that “what you wear defines who you are” pertaining to a particular brand of watch. Yes, how he wished he has his biking watch, daily casual watch, sport’s watch (that rugged, durable looking diver’s watch), a party watch and of course, the watch for all the formal occasions we attend. My sister-in-law who’s working in the states, gave each of us (me, my hubby and our two kids) a watch and other goodies every Christmas time we spent with my mother-in-law for three years now. I can see the excitement in the eyes of my family as we open the presents and would shout upon opening the gifts from my sis-in-law. My husband would especially show off his new watch and proudly wear it.

One of those watches she gave to my husband was a rolex replica and a breitling replica. It’s rather still expensive and my hubby just love it. His friends would look at it with envy and he would proudly tell them that it’s a gift from his sister in the states. Replica watches are good to those who have not enough budget to buy the original and the branded kind. It’s crafted beautifully and functions well. You can still wear it as part of your fashion style.

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