Reasons Why People Don’t Lose Weight

May 13th, 2010


Many people think that they will loss weight by skipping meals. WRONG! When we decrease our food intake, our bodies try to absorb and store more calories the next time we eat in excess of what our body needs. The simple rule of losing weight is to consistently burn off more calories than you take in. So weight conscious out there , be informed with the number of calories of the foods you intake. Beware of fast foods – like burgers, fries, hotdogs. Chocolates are high in Calorie count also. But if you really is a chocolate lover like me – indulge on Chocolite …. a Carb-Thin Sugar-Free Cookie Bites. A diet that is balanced with small quantities of vegetables, fruit, grains and lean meat or fish is the healthiest.
So what are the common reason why people don’t lose weight? Mainly because most of our social inter-actions include food. Expect food served every gathering. Another is that Fast Food chains becomes the sure end for most of our meals . Why? Because meals are serve fast and cheaper. We are less active than in the past. With the world in our hands through the Internet, people are becoming Couch potatoes. Spending less and less time outside but rather stuck on their chairs like watching TV , playing computer games and seemly doing nothing . How about you? What’s your losing weight Ideas?

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