Power Crunch Bars

May 26th, 2010
This is my friend’s complaint – “ I am dieting at all time, but I can’t lose any weight”.. For most of us , losing weight is a frustrating endeavor because no matter how hard we seem to be trying to loose those excess pounds, nothing changes. I went to gym before but instead of losing weight , I gained more pounds from it. My sister-in-law in California tried South Beach diet to ensure losing weight effective, but it didn’t work for a Physical Therapist like her. Her working schedule found it difficult to follow.

Me? I tried many ways. I tried skipping in-between meals,eating before Six o’clock in the evening . I tried also drinking so called “slimming tea” and jogging around the subdivision early morning … but I wasn’t consistent with all these attempts. It was only good for a week… a month was the longest one.

Yah! It’s really hard to lose weight. A friend from the same Gym I was going before told me to just lessen my carbohydrate intake and be deligent in counting my daily calories… She added that when the craving for food will arise. I just a nibble Power Crunch Bars for snacks. Do you thinks this is effective? How about you? Whats your weight loss diet ?

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