Our Recent Visit to the Farm

May 12th, 2010

Above are the pictures of our recent visit to our farm land in Sumilao Bukidnon. As I have blogged it before, being the administrator of this small estate my parents left us is not an easy job. My mom appointed me the task and I just can’t say no since it was stipulated in her Last Will and Testament. I just wondered why my mom picked me as the administrator while I still have 5 elder brothers. Maybe because, I am the assertive type? The Civil Engineer in the family? ( got knowledge on surveying..)? or maybe I am the most Intelligent and wise among the family? Oppsss… joke. Whatever my mom’s reasons maybe… I thank God for this responsibility.

Anyway, back to our farm, this week-end we will again visit the site for a thorough study on what crops are feasible for planting this year. We received many suggestions but an Agriculturist advised us to see first what are the existing crops in the neighboring areas before deciding to venture on an specific crop.

Our latest trip to that place was difficult since we just rode on our sedan car. I find it not comforting as well since it rained so hard and our car floor mats were not that comfortable to step to with our shoes filled with muds. This Friday, we will use our friends pick-up so that we drove easily through the terrains. It’s easier to bring a 4×4 vehicle to the site since the road going to the interior areas are not yet fully maintained. Hubby and I planned to buy a 4×4 multi-cab as we will start farming. Then as we will have a greater Return of Investment … a brand new pick-up truck will follow.Praying that we could start the farming by June or July, timely for the rainy season.

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  1. Kayce says:

    hi sis! nia ra ko diri sa balulang. oi silingan ra diay to namo ang die hard fans ni Mayor E… hehehehe!

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