On Wedding Bands

May 1st, 2010


As I have blogged last week, I coordinated a wedding last April 10 in one of the top 100 beach resort in the world –Plantation Bay in Cebu,Philippines. It was the grandest and the most expensive wedding I have attended. Buffet dinner cost them P,1500 or $40/person for a total of 200 guests. Airfare,hotel and food were shouldered by the couple for about 50 guests ( and that includes 10 of us) .Their Wedding rings cost them a very big amount. Looks like the one below from 25karats.com.Attending that wedding reminds me our wedding day 15 years ago. It was such a majestic and enchanting moment for us all. Holding hands together, hubby and I desired to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary on the same venue. Of course, we wished to seal that day with either an antique or contemporary wedding band.Talking about wedding bands,  can offer you the finest designs from the simple plain wedding ring to the elegant striking eternity wedding band. With their great collection and experienced staff, they will help you realize your dreams of a perfect wedding ring. Try to visit their customer friendly website and be captivated with their various designs of Engagement rings and wedding bands.

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  1. Wedding Bands says:

    Wedding Bands are the most important thing in your wedding. People attending wedding are always keen to see the wedding bands. This is a priceless token of love and commitment.

  2. Online Movies Megavideo says:

    i am gonna married in next week can you suggest me some wedding bands?

  3. WOW ! its great collection .
    Thanks for sharing this blog post , nice blog …
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  4. Wedding is always a special occasion. The most striking and eye catchy thing on wedding is the wedding ring. I still remember my wedding day it was just awesome moment.

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