On Medical Alert System for the Seniors

May 27th, 2010
Elderly people have a soft spots in my heart.. specially now that my mother is no longer with me. Seeing an old woman reminds me of my dear and loving mother. Last May 10, during our National Election, I voted for the Association for Mindanao Elders ( AME) as my party list. I do believe that our Senior Citizen should have a representation in the Congress so that they can get the benefits that they deserve. It’s really hurting to know that in their Grey hairs …. on the last pages of their lives… they were not given the privileges that are due to them.
How I wish we have the same privilege as that of the Senior Citizens in America. They are well taken care of in terms of medical ,insurance, housing and even food. They have Medical Alert that insure their safety. Statistic show that accident rates are higher for the seniors that is why Medical Alarm is a must in every elderly person. How I wish Medical Alert System will also be provided for our Senior Citizens here.

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  1. Medical Response says:

    A senior medical alert system is not only for old people. My best friend can't walk and her mom got her one just in case something happens. It's been with her for a year and she was able to use it when she accidentally fell down a short flight of stairs at her house.

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