No to Drugs! Yes to Addiction Treatment!

May 19th, 2010
For nine years and running, my husband is revolutionary in his approach to helping and preserving the potential of our young people here in our city. He’s one of the pioneers in creating a non-governmental organization called KAPATID (Kabataang Angat sa Prinsipyo At Tutol sa Immoralidad at Droga) – Youths with High principles in life that say No to Immorality and Drugs. Yes indeed, there is a clear and present danger of moral decline among the youth of today. The future of our generation is very much affected especially with the growing use of illegal drugs among the youth and even kids. Illegal drugs distribution in our place affected not only the adults but also the minors since they are the ones used by drug traffickers as sellers.Drug addiction has been linked to thousand cases of Juvenile delinquency, broken homes, vices, robberies, and even murders to name a few. This is one thing that the society must be aware of and continue to support anybody who advocates values, and principled living among our young people today.

This common saying that “Prevention is better than cure” is a rallying cry for KAPATID in their crusade to eradicate the selling and using of illegal drugs. They also encourage the parents to have an active participation in preserving and protecting their children from drug abuse. Our government’s effort to introduce Addiction Treatment is one solid arm of help we can get from them but the fight against illegal drugs in everybody’s concern. A fellow who undergoes Addiction Treatments needs a support group and other assistance for him/her to fully recover. A united effort must be done to curb this menace that so affecting our young people today.

Let’s get out and be counted, be part of an army that is not afraid to support any effort to stop this moral decay of our society. From educational seminars, forums, concerts, Addiction treatments and other programs of the government and NGO’s alike, let us form a network that works and unite ourselves in this fight to preserve the future generation. Let us not rest until we see our society, our children and their children’s children safe from this disease that’s fast eating their dreams and our future too.

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