Men and their Rides

May 5th, 2010
Men simply love cars. Why? Because they’re part of them. It’s a “status quo” …his ride reflects his personality… your status in life. Only the rich and the wealthy can own a bunch of it from luxury, to sports to vintage cars while the average earning individuals can only afford the people’s car. Aside from gadgets, electronics , motor bike… cars are men’s baby. Would you believe that there are some men consider giving up their wife or partner rather than their cars? Lol! Men are really attached to it. It meets their need for possession and the sense of belonging and acceptance.As for my hubby.. he really love our car ( not to the extent of giving me up ! Lol!) He is keen when it comes to its maintenance and buying accessories for car . Never a day that we go out without cleaning it. After each out-of-town trip.. the car will surely end at the car wash for thorough clean-up. Lately, he expressed his desire to have a new vehicle and this time he wants a Van with side ladder rack or a pick-up with hard truck bed cover Yesterday, he browsed the net for the latest Pick-up models. I guess we need a considerable amount for this.

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