Gracia’s Wellness Cafe

May 21st, 2010
This is one thing I want to accomplish in my life . To open up a food business on my own, by this I mean a restaurant. While traveling going to our farm, I talked to my hubby about this and he also showed a great interest about this idea. Our kids excitedly butted in and gleefully named several menus they want us to offer our customers. Hahaahhaha…How I wish this would come true before I get to be 50 years old!
Since people today are going nuts about healthy foods, we planned to have a wellness cafe or a restaurant that offers healthy and organic food to customers who are health conscious. Having a lunch in a wellness cafe owned by a friend in Del Monte Area Camp Philips, encouraged me a lot to consider this business. Of course I will top the help of a restaurant supply store for my restaurant supply needs. That would be one exciting task for me to do: choosing the right kind of restaurant equipments, ice machines and maybe even bar glasses for our wellness healthy drinks!

Yesterday, as we roamed around the city , my eyes was wide open looking for possible location. Sadly all the strategic areas were already occupied with various eateries and fast food. How I wish a healthy restaurant will one day be established in the heart of the city. I couldn’t wait the day we have to cut the ribbon for the opening and blessing of our wellness restaurant. With the help of a restaurant supply store, I sure would have the confidence and peace of mind the our equipments and other supply come with quality and customer satisfaction.

Help me pray for this dream to be realized. Whats the best name of my wellness cafe “to be”? Grace Wellness Cafe? Or Gracia’s Healthy fast food? Any suggestion please?

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