Flicker of Hope

May 21st, 2010


“Children are a heritage from the Lord”. That’s a passage from the Bible and we truly treasure that verse as we treasure our kids. They are God’s blessings to us, a gift that’s priceless. But there are thousands of couples out there who are longing, even begging from above for that much awaited bundle of joy to be hugged, cuddled and serenaded with a soothing baby’s song. Some of them are even willing to do the extreme just to have a little, healthy, bouncing baby to complete their home.
This happened to our dear friend who’s been married for five years and still praying for that priceless answer from above. They have gone to the medical experts for check ups but still to no avail. Our hearts fell for them. We felt their longing, even their silent cry of suffering as they struggled to find answers as to why for five long years they still haven’t been blessed with a baby. How I wish and pray that sooner, an answer will just come knocking on their door.

While writing this, I remember an article on the net about. A flicker of hope was lightened in my heart as I consider to encourage my friend to considerembroyo adoption. The marvel of science and Medical breakthroughs today proved that embryo donation is very possible and presents a 100% guarantee of success. I believe that this is the long awaited answer to their dream of having a baby in their home. They are praying for the right  donor as of this time.

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