Do you play Online Games?

May 5th, 2010
One of these reasons would be the employment of comical characters and vibrant colors which undeniably looks attractive to the young ones. You might have also observed how they would flock in front of the monitor and laugh excitedly as if they are watching an early cartoon morning show every time they see a video game displayed on screen. And for them, knowing that you can control these characters through a game controller pad is even more exciting. That is why every time you turn on your game console they go crazy and tend to grab the controller from your hand. You can not blame them for reacting this way. As kids, it is part of their nature to be playful. When they have the controller on their little hands, they imagine themselves playing with the characters on screen.Five years ago, kids will spend lots of money just to go to the nearest internet cafe to play their favourite online games . Now there are lots of free games online. The latest games my kids love to play these days are miniclip games like adventure, puzzle and board games . I tried it once and I enjoyed very much the candy frenzy and the ball match game. My hubby too tried Nascar 3D game and great patriotic war. Whew! Playing online games can be addicting. Hoe about you? Do you play online games?

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