Your Precious Cargo

April 7th, 2010
My sister-in-law has finally moved from Glendale California to Panorama City . California last week. She has been living in Glendale for the past 8 years since she has been to America. She do not want to leave the place and her church mate since they became part of her life already but her new work as a Physical tTerapist required her to transfer residency. The hospital that offered her bigger salary and benefits is located with-in the city …. so she has no choice. The only problem she will be facing is that the church ( Seventh Day Adventist) where she is a member is very.. very far from her residence. It’s a great challenge for her not to be absent every Worship since she is a Deaconess .Transporting her belongings was not a problem since she was able to get a “ Moving Company” that’s trusted and reliable. Her Utility Van was transported also by a premier auto transport service provider which is the trusted name in Exotic Car Transport. She was amazed to see that her SUV was delivered on-time and that it was handled with extreme care. The car’s interior like rag tops, upholstery and other fine finishes remained untouched… unlike when her friend move out to another state where her car suffered damages. Worst! The damages were not insured!

So if you are planning to move out , choose a trusted company to transport your precious cargo.

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