What is Sports Handicapping?

April 18th, 2010
To be honest, I really do not know what is sports handicapping so I asked the help of my hubby to orient me on the term. He said handicapping is used in scoring many games and competitive sports like chess, bowling, basketball, football and other track and field events. He added that the term is also used to the practice of forecasting the result of a competition.In the world of sports , people rely or get information from the handicappers for predictions. In football handicapping, a handicapper can assess different injuries of a player and can be able to predict the and the present and future impact of a team. The know the strengths and weaknesses of many key players on many teams. I regret football sports is not famous here in our country as it is in America. I hope the government will include it in our sports since it is such a thrilling and enjoyable game. I have watched so many movies with football as the game and I enjoyed watching them . My favorite was Grid Iron , Facing the Giants and the one which starred Sylvester Stallone ( forgot the movie in the 70’s). How about you? Do you love football game? What’s your favorite team?

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