A Vehicle for our Farm

April 20th, 2010
Last week, we went to our lot rented by Del Monte Philippines. It was a rush trip since one of our care takers called us up to immediately visit them because of a major problem . The Land Acquisition Management Program ( LAMP) of the government is doing some surveys in the area. According to our care taker, if they couldn’t show any papers , the lot will be taken by them. There were already lots of contention and conflict brought by this program in the neighboring barangays so we hurriedly went to our area.We arrived 9:00 o’clock in the morning but the government representative of the LAMP was not there. We waited until four o’ clock hoping to see them but our waiting was useless. WE just met all our care takers and gave them the necessary documents to prove that they are authorized to use the land.

Going home was difficult since it rained so hard. Our car was trapped in the muddy man made road… tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Right then and there we realized we should have borrowed a 4×4 vehicle . It took us 2 hours to get away from the grimy road. Because of that trouble , hubby and I decided to buy a 4 x 4 vehicle to be use for our farm. Actually, my hubby desired a long time ago for a pick-up not because of its practicality and mobility but also because of it’s attractive accessories such as billet grills , projector head lights and other accessories. He finds a pick-up so “macho” and heavy duty.

I know this dream will come true as soon as we will be able to start farming. For a long.. long… time our lot remained idle. It was only when my mother died that we became interested using it. I was appointed in her “Last Will and Testament” to be the administrator of our small estate. I guess it’s time now to redeem our land. I would never allow the LAMP to get our parent’s inheritance for us!

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    Sutton said she expects the cooperative extension will announce the recipients of the start-up grant funds in the coming weeks.

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