Used or Brand New Tires?

April 20th, 2010
Choosing good tires in today’s market is a big challenge. Last month,hubby and I went to shop for new tires for our sedan.A fried suggested to buy it at surplus shops so that we can economize. So we went to the surplus avenue in our city . From start to end… one by one we stopped at the stores to find the exact specification but unfortunately we only one found one. We didn’t buy it since we need four . I told my husband to just defer the purchase hoping of its availability in the weeks to come but my hubby insisted to but it on that day. He stressed the need for the safety of everyone riding our car. He added that according to Tie REview … tires are the most important safety feature of a vehicle. It’s the only things that connects the body to the road. If the tire lacks the good grip to the road… then it is bound for accident. End of discussion…right then and there we went to buy 4 pcs of brand new tires. Hmmm… being the treasurer , I shelled out a considerable amount of money. Quite big but worth the safety it would bring.

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