Small But Terrible

April 20th, 2010
I have just put my little girl to our bed ( It’s 9:45 pm here).She jumped out from her bed again due to bed bug bites. To be frank, I am fuming with anger right now because of this little beast that has been dwelling in my girl’s bed for more than a year now. I have been through various ways to get rid of this parasites . I have applied different brands of insecticide already, vacuum-cleaned the whole room, wrapped the bed foam with a plastic sheet, bleached and washed the foam over and over again but I guess all these steps are of now avail.What I hate most on this “small but terrible” creature is that they prefer to dine and feast conveniently on my ‘lil girls blood when she’s unconsciously sleeping at night. I thought I am over with it since it was already four days that my girl didn’t complain of bed bugs bite. I hope I can get this time. I need it as soon as possible since Dale will be attending a swimming lesson next week. It would be embarrassing swimming around with reddish welts and sores in her legs and arms. Oh my… what shall I do now?

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