Option Trading

April 18th, 2010
What’s the secret of financial success? This is the million dollar question everyone is asking. There are countless books, seminars and videos that explains this subject matter but I guess all these things boil downs to STEWARDSHIP . We should be a good steward of our finances. Do not live beyond your means. Save…save… save… this is what my mom always reminds me when I was still single. Don’t be too materialistic, just buy what you really need.My mom-in-law is my model when it comes to managing finances. When she retired as doctor in Education, the bulk of her money went to various investments and option trading. She consider saving in commercial banks as dead investments. The bank’s interest of 2% is too small to the 100 – 300% return of Investment through options trading. She’s fun of investing with stock market and pre-need plans. There was a time she gained a considerable amount with a deal that she surprised our kids with bank account deposits . As of now, she still have lots of investment. I hope I can be like my mom… so that in my old age I will not be a liability to my children… but a blessing to them.

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