On Medical Insurance

April 12th, 2010
Health is wealth.. this is often times what I always say to my love ones who are not being good stewards of their body. It is expensive to be sick specially if you don’t have medical Insurance . Getting yourself insured is really important . .. especially to those who are beyond 40’s when illness often visits us. My mom-in-law’s medical check-up and hospitalization is never a problem to her children because she is medically insured. Last week she was hospitalized and don ’t you know that we only paid 10 % of her Hospital bill? Everything was covered from medicine, laboratories, private room and doctors professional fee. My hubby and I are planning to get a trusted and reliable medical insurance company just likemutuelle hospitalisation where they offer contracts that save money when people need medical services. . This is one project we need to prioritize this year. How about you ? Are you insured?

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