Looking for Cheap Textbooks

April 17th, 2010
I am currently here at SM CDO catching up with the last day of the 3-day sale. I was so busy last Friday and Saturday for our church program – the reason why I was not able to visit the mall. I enjoyed so much visiting the mall during Mall wide sale… not only because of the countless bargain sales but also It’s a great time to see some long lost friends . Just like a while ago I met two classmates from elementary days and an ex-office mate.

I was looking for cheap textbooks also for my nephews whom I pledged to sponsor their books this summer class. Unfortunately I was not able to find them at the two bookstore here . How I wish directtextbook.com is just with-in reach in my country. With them you can find your textbooks at over 200 bookstore online. Searching for books is effortless since they will do the searching for you. I just visited their site awhile ago and tried browsing for my nephew’s Civil Engineering books .Wow! I was redirected to various stores online. Some have a price of $0.01 …wow! So amazing. Hmmm… I am thinking of ordering the books online tomorrow. I hope to find the lowest price with free shipment.

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