Ipad of my dream!

April 29th, 2010
How I wish I can own an Ipad … seen one today at the early morning talk show and I can’t helped but love its applications and portability. A friend told me I might be lucky to have an Ipad though bidding. I surf the net for  and alas! I found the site.Hmmm… I’ll try my luck here I might win not only Ipad but other precious items. For more info on happy bidders just click here.

One Response to “Ipad of my dream!”

  1. Movers Irvine says:

    I brought an IPAD almost 6 months ago. I really love it, the applications specially the games. But unfortunately the Apple announced that they will release the IPAD 2, I was really upset. As in very much. So you own an Ipad using that bidder? How it differs from Ebay?

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