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April 16th, 2010
Death is a normal process of life. The book of Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a time to be born and there is a time for death. That reality came into my life when my mother died February 12,2009. She was so healthy at 76 yrs. Old… she’s not diabetic, no hyper tension, no major sicknesses whatsoever… but she was taken by our creator earlier than what we expected. Together with my brothers, we struggled through bouts of crying and sadness that were sometimes so intense only sleep can take away the pain at that time. I felt I was dying inside… I deeply mourned that I felt the world was only black and white. Literally for 60 days I wore only white or black blouses and shirts. It’s really hard to let go…. because letting go means you will totally forget her…forget her being such a wonderful, loving and caring mother.As I am doing this post, I can’t helped but remember her again… the joy of being with her is immeasurable. I greatly thank God for sustaining all of us with His grace ,love and provision. Financially we were sustained with her insurance coverage. It’s really wise to get memorial and funeral plan. Getting an funeral insurance quote is the most practical way to insure ourselves. We could have struggled so much to defray the expenses of my mom’s death but thank God we have more than enough.

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