HVG Insurance

April 18th, 2010
It was a breath taking experience of mine visiting Cebu City to be part of the officiating team of a friend who is working in the US .came as a brand new experience for all of us. It was my first time to visit Plantation Bay, the site of the wedding Ceremony. It’s belonged to the top 100 beach resort in the whole world. I stood in awe as I entered the exotic and amazing resort. The pool and the beach in crystal blue water tempted me to dip into it immediately. I can help but appreciate the beauty of nature .The day after the wedding our group decided to try to be more adventurous while having fun. Cebu City is known for their racing Karts so I challenged everyone to a Karting Race. For me doing it the first time ,it was a bit frightening since I really do not know to drive a racing kart. With only a helmet , I took the risk to try the ride. I just carefully and slowly went through the first two laps. On the third and eight lap I tried to accelerate and went faster around the circuit . There was a sudden adrenaline with-in me that my speed went as high as 80 km per hour. Whew! It gave me the time of my life when I bumped with another Kart racer and I was throwned outside the perimeter of the track! Fortunately I was complete with gears… I was okey.– if anything would happen to me I could count on my insurance for coverage. Of course I can’t get anything from the Kart Racing Management because before the game started we were made to sign a waiver! Lol! It’s really comforting to have an insurance! So, if you are an adventurous person… get yourself and insurance first before engaging into extreme activities!

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