Improving My Eye Sight

April 4th, 2010
I never thought I would be wearing eye glasses.. not until last year when I felt the symptoms of frequent headaches and nausea. I know I needed then but it took me another month to truly accept the reality. Indeed, as people grow older vision will surely be affected… much more for those whose job needs frequent reading and computer works. Me? 80 % of my time at work before were in front of the computer. I am a Civil Engineer by profession but I chose to stay in the office rather than exposing my beauty under the heat of the sun at the project sites. Yap! I was able to preserved my fair complexion but I didn’t realize I was over working my eyes too.! Tsk.. tsk.. tsk… not good.I am glad that my present job now does not involve numerous computer works but my blogging hobby does.. Lol! I spent an average of four hours a day doing my rounds and blog posting . Anyway, I am taking food supplement and eats vegetables rich in Vitamin A … but will these improve my eye sight? Hmmm… I have been doing these for 6 months but I didn’t see any progress…. What do you think? Share with me your idea

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