Defeated the Big C

April 16th, 2010
I jumped for joy today as my friend called me up and announced the good news that she’s now CANCER FREE. She just received the result from her doctor today and she couldn’t believe her Cancer count was downed to 30 from 150,000 . My! What a miracle! What’s the million dollar secret? It’s the Prayer and Fasting of the brethren and the Alternative Medication she’s undergoing right now.Praise God, a cancer survivor referred them to a renowned medical doctor who now specialized on Alternative Medication. If not of that advised.. they could have opted for Chemotherapy and risked her life. Her daily regimen includes pure and concentrated juice intake every hour, coffee enigma 3x a day, vial injection 2x a day and daily Hot Tub hydrotherapy . She has a strict diet program which excludes all kind of meat ( meat or fish). She can only eat organic vegetables ,fruits and unpolished red rice.

What I love about my friend is her positive attitude regarding her battle with the big C. The deadly illness runs in their genes ( She’s the 9th victim) but she is positive that she will survive and be the last victim in the clan. True to her confession – she did survive. Thank you so much for all who have prayed and gave their financial support. With God Cancer is curable!

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  1. nanay says:

    Praise God! Truly it is a miracle from God.

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