Collecting Postcards

April 6th, 2010
Postcard collection like stamps and pictures is very enjoyable and rewarding. It is educational and relatively inexpensive. A collection can be formed in various ways such as postcards of countries, animals, views, automobiles, flowers… etc..etc.. I have some elderly relatives who used to collect postcards of various designs . It’s their way of walking down the memory lane every time they scanned the postcards given by friends and relatives. It’s not only the pictures that counts in the postcards but much more the messages written on them. In the mid of the 20th century where camera is not yet available… postcards serves as souvenir for travels.Postcards in the 21st century goes with technology. It can be customized according to one’s needs. Their are sites online where we can upload or photos and design our postcards in a minute. There are countless of pre-designed lay-outs so it doesn’t need a graphic expert to do it. Now postcard mailing services are available for everyone’s convenience. You do not have to spend time and effort to mail it one by one at the post office. Now postcards are used not only for souvenirs but also for invitations such as birthdays and weddings. Hmmm… I guess it’s too late for me to collect postcars. What do you think?

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    I collect old postcards and sell it on ebay, as well as stamps.the value to sell is not that expensive though.i am hoping one day i can stumble on stamps the value is high, anyways…i will send it with kuya boyongs photoshop as well as some of my old cards collectibles.

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