A bad day for me!

April 13th, 2010
“Misery loves company” as the saying goes… today I have a very bad day in the office. My USB got corrupted and our printer was not working. All my very important files stored in the UBS can no longer be restored. I tried so hard to repair it but everything remain futile. As for my printer, it can no longer sensor the paper. The red button continued to blink even if I’ve placed lots of paper on it…tsk! tsk! Tsk! I have just replaced it with new printer ink…it’s useless, I can not longer used the printer. According to the service center technician, the printer head was damaged. He advised me to buy a new printer rather than buy a compatible printer head. The price is quite the same. Hmmm… printer now-a-days are disposable. Maximum usage ranges from 1 to 2 years only. Can you recommend me a model that will last as long as 5 years? I guess I need a heavy duty printer this time considering that I have lots of printing works to do in the office. I thought of buying a 3 in 1 printer but my friends advised me that it is not practical since if one of the 3 functions will be damage, the other functions will be affected. What’s your suggestion?

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