Back to Reality

April 14th, 2010

I am back from a week of out-of-town vacation. It’s a business with pleasure trip. I was part of the officiating team of a wedding that took place in one of the top 100 beaches in the whole world. I coordinated the wedding while my hubby was the organist. The vacation was worth the time I was away from the kids. I enjoyed every moment of it. We went to extreme adventures such as Karting and edge-coaster ride. Enjoyed the best food in the city and went shopping for bargains.

Now , I am back to reality… just this morning I was busy again monitoring accomplishment against actual cost of the residential building I am supervising. We are delayed based on the target schedule and exceed in cost against our budget. We are 70% completed with our structure… next month we will be concentrating more on the finishing works. As early as now I am finalizing the fixtures to be placed on the garage like door automation. My problem is it’s hard to find a supplier of the materials here in our country . Good if we have the shops like Automated Gates San Diego and Garage Door Repair San Diego. Repair and maintenance would never be a problem. Hmmm … I hope this problem will be addressed soon or else I have to asked the expertise of Garage Door RepaiINr San Diego

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