Are you insured?

April 7th, 2010
Being a traveler has its perks. You’ve got to enjoy the many places you’ve never been, being inspired by people’s culture , their beliefs and the beauty of nature. Yes indeed I enjoy those things. But lately, my friend asked me one intriguing question as to whether I’m insured or not. It brought me to think of this oftentimes overlooked but very important part of one’s life especially if you travel much.Insurance… security… safety. That’s how I spell it and understand as well. I have to include this in my itinerary as a traveler. Being a wife and a mother, I have to think beyond the new places O have to visit but also the safety of myself and the comfort of my family in any eventualities I will ace. Being insured is quite a must nowadays. One must think of being covered with benefits when he/she is insured. Come to think of it, your safety coupled with a sure support ( financially) will lighten your worry and your family’s concern if anything happens accidentally.

Be wise this time. Get your self an insurance. My sister-in-law in California got two Insurance Los Angeles…considering that she’s not a citizen of the foreign land. How about you? Do you have an insurance to depend on in times of any untoward incidents?

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