Wedding Ideas

March 20th, 2010
When I committed myself to work full time in the Ministry 10 years ago, I was tasked by the Church leadership to coordinate wedding programs and other special church activities. Today by the grace of God I am coordinating weddings not only for church members but also for church friends and outsiders with a Christian Wedding ceremony. I knew how costly it is to get married now-a-days. In the 80’s wedding was just hassle-free. A wedding ring, one layered cake and simple attires will do. Now, wedding ceremonies are more complicated with a modern touch of technology.A Complete wedding package (Be sure to ask friends for prices) includes a pre-nuptial video coverage, a wedding cake, a chocolate fountain (which easily captures the hearts and giggles of children) and there’s the heart-shaped block of ice that always add glamour and romance to the occasion. Photo & Video coverage nowadays is also quite expensive. And the flowers?, one could spend a hundred thousand worth of your hard earned cash just for it. Everything is expensive from the food, to the entourage attire, and to the wedding invitations. I have to coordinate a wedding this April 10 at the Plantation Bay, Cebu. Wow! Would you believe that the invitation alone cost them $5 or P200 pesos each? The total wedding cost is a million Pesos. Wow! That’s a lot of money for a one day affair.

So if you or your friend plans to settle down, think of practicality. Be wise and economize. My advice?, if you want to be practical, do not hire a wedding planner.. Visit and get your wedding ideas from their site. They provide cheap invitations for wedding and other wedding needs at a reasonable cost but without sacrificing quality. Remember a simple and practical yet properly planned and managed wedding occasion will surely give you and your family a wonderful time on your special day.


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