Top Secret

March 3rd, 2010

It’s been awhile that I wasn’t able to join Girl’s talk. Good that I happened to drop by GIRLS RULE today. This week’s theme is quite challenging…Lol! In all honesty here’s my secret data ( Now no longer a secret!)

Age: 42 yrs old ( do I look like 42?)
Height: 5’2” ( petite us cute.. di bah? )
Weight: 98 lbs (properly proportioned with the height… Lol!)
Vital stats: 34 27 36 ( Would you believ
e I used to have waist line of 22 in college? Pang model daw… Waaahh)

So girl, are you ready to expose your
TOP SECRET! Be bold enough to share it with us!

Here’s some of my pics… at 42 I can do rock climbing….hahaaha

Uy… recent pic to ah..medyo bulging na!

Pa shorts-shorts para hindi halata!

15 Responses to “Top Secret”

  1. K says:

    haha! cute entry! oy in fairness you look younger than your age ha. mwah!

  2. Mommy Liz says:

    You don't look like 42, oh di ba ang sarap i reveal ng age kung mukahgn young. at ang weight mo, perfect, kelan kaya ko magiigng 98, dati nasa 90 lang ako, after 4 kids wahhhh, dumami rin ang taba ko..

  3. Sherry says:

    I did at 🙂

    you look young! 😀

  4. Genejosh says:

    you look so young for your age sis tsaka sexy're weight is what I'm aiming now..he..he..

    gusto ko ring magrock climbing:)

    mine's here:

  5. kha says:

    age denied?you look your age naka line-up ka parin sa hot momma….

  6. ferry'zWILL says:

    wow naman, talgang may proof.. hahaha.. buti ka pa sis @ your age slim parin.. ako kaya…

  7. sheng says:

    wow ate ang bata nio pa pong tingnan…

    sana pagdating ko ng 42 ganyan din katawan ko…

  8. LingLing says:

    You don't look 42 at all!!! Wow i hope i gonna look like you when being 42, but then again mostly i won't cause caucasian people look much older than zou asian people do :))

  9. niko says:

    wow!! you dont look 42!!! at ang VS mo waaaaaah panalo!! anung sekreto?? share them hihih

    anyways, thanks for always joining GT ha.. now lng ako nagkaron time to blog hop on each girls entries 🙂

    hope to see u next week.. show some flesh nmn hihih

    tc lagi!

  10. levy says:

    grabe mommy! you look so young.. para ka lang line of 30's ano gamit mong pampabata.. kaloka!

    parang mas lalo ako nahiya hindi lang sa weight pati sa age ko..

  11. ♥peachkins♥ says:

    I agree.. you don't look 42. And still sexy…

  12. Chie Wilks says:

    you look a lot younger than your age po…at still sexy. i posted mine too at The Three Chies

  13. Jade MommaWannabe says:

    Wow you really don't look your age;P

  14. Rossel says:

    still gorgeous at 42. di halata grace.

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  15. niko says:

    hey girl!!! how are u???

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