Got New Phone loaded with MP3 Songs

March 2nd, 2010
I got a new phone! Thanks to my brother who bought my one year old phone at a considerable price. I told him to buy a brand new one but he preferred my phone since it is original . Most of the Cellular Phones displayed at the malls are imitation and made in China. I don’t want to let it go… but he is persistent . The offer is also tempting…amount equivalent to two cellphone units.
Anyway, back to my new phone , It’s a little bit girly with its pink color. I love it’s features and trendy design ( it’s a flip one) and. With excitement, I downloaded audio and video yesterday but I had a hard time. So I asked my internet wizard buddy to do it for me. Thanks to mark and his MP3 Search Engine, my phone now has 200 songs and 20 thrillers of upcoming movies. He was using in downloading audios. I tried it today and truly it’s a faster way of searching MP3 audios. At one click the song, artist, size, duration and bitrate will appear at the homepage.. making it easy for you to choose what specific file to download. I have fun downloading my favorite songs of the 90’s and 90’s . I now know, it doesn’t need a computer freak like Mark to do it ! Wanna try it yourself? 

2 Responses to “Got New Phone loaded with MP3 Songs”

  1. vicy says:

    Hello sis. How are you doing? Sorry it took so ling for me to get back to you. A bit busy with my 4 months old baby girl Mackenzie. Nways, about clixsense, yes sis it's real. You're right that opps now are not like before. Thats why I decided to join ptc's.



  2. JonJon Rosaleen says:

    Yay!!! Sounds exciting to have new gadget! 🙂

    Anyway, I've chosen you as one of my favourite blog so I would be very happy if you could claim it here.

    Happy Friday!!

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