On Directory Sync Program

February 16th, 2010

Thank God the “True Love Waits” Concert and symposium which my hubby directed last Valentines was a success. The theater was jam packed with teenagers and young professionals. It was not only entertaining but the message of the true essence of friendship, courtship and being in a relationship was effectively relayed through the script and messages. The question and answer portion enlightened the minds of the attendees to have the right perspective and knowledge in choosing priorities in life.

Last night, I uploaded the pictures on our laptop but the hard disk memory gave-up. There are too many files crowding our laptop like images, videos,PDF and power point . I am sure some of these files are duplicated in different folders. I guess I need directory sync program this time to find large folders and show directory size. Maybe I need to delete some of the unused programs in our laptop .. or best to delete the games my son downloaded. Thanks to filesync.moleskinsoft.com downloading a software is free for non-commercial usage.

So guys bear with me… I will post the concert pictures here and on my facebook account as soon as the problem will be solved. So watch for it ! Okey?

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