Brown-out? Again?

February 25th, 2010
Attention : CDO Electric Power Corporation

The frequent electric shut-down is already annoying especially for us bloggers. I was not able to update my blog and grab opportunities due to this mess. This has been going on daily for a week already..For 8 hours today, we have no power. Imagine the inconveniences it brought us. I was trying to reach them through telephone to inquire on coming schedule of brown-out but for 5 attempts, I failed. Ooopppsss.. did they hanged-up their phones to prevent possible “people’s power”? Lol! Anyway, I am just hoping the problem will be solved so soon. Good Luck!

2 Responses to “Brown-out? Again?”

  1. Cacai M. says:

    Ooh my.. I guess this is in whole Mindanao Te Grace, Chie once told me this is rotating brown-out.. I hope this will be solved soon. ~hugs~

  2. Mommy Dharlz says:

    I have the schedule in

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